Public Speaking!

Even though public speaking is considered even more of a hazardous occupation than having a teenager around, I embraced public speaking in 2008 with passion and enthusiasm.

Rotary Groups, Her Business groups, schools and sports clubs all invite me to speak. Some report of record numbers of the group coming to hear an 18 year old speaking about juggling parenting with work.

On the eve of 2009 I was in Brisbane, speaking to hundreds of people at the Woodford Folk Festival - great feedback. Scroll down to hear more about it!

If you have a group, I'd be happy to come and speak. Read below to find out when I will be in your city and how to get it organised/

I look forward to speaking to your group

- Eva-Maria

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It's easy to invite Eva-Maria to speak in front of your group - simply email an enquiry by clicking here and Eva-Maria will respond as soon as possible.

In 2009, Eva-Maria expects to tour New Zealand at least twice, so you may want to secure her time when she will be in your city. Let us know if you are interested and we'll send you a schedule of her tours - just click here to send an e-mail.

February 2009, Eva-Maria will be touring NZ from 8/02 starting in Auckland

June 2009, Eva-Maria will be touring NZ launching her second book. If you want your story to be included in the second book - e-mail it asap to this address.

Note: 26 December-3 January will be a very busy time with Woodford festival, so please bear with a slower response at this time. Thank you.

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Authors: Eva-Maria and Diane Levy
Two generations, one subject - passionate about helping parents

Woodford Folk Festival '08 - '09

Held in Woodford, one and a half hours out of Brisbane, this Festival brings together music, folklore, food-for-thought and sustainability issues.

Invited to the Radiance section of the Festival, Eva-Maria spoke and held workshops at the Festival about improving adult-teenager relationships.

Her presentations attracted a wide audience from all across the festival, which turned out a great success.

“Your workshop really opened my eyes as to where I am right now, and where I can be to help my teenage daughter reach her potential. Thank you for your expertise and kind words”Kate, mother and teacher from Sydney

Speaking Opportunities

Eva-Maria would love to come speak to your group about improving adult-teenager relationships.

To contact Eva-Maria, click here.

FInd out more about speech and workshops below:

Her Business Networks in Marlborough & Blenheim '09

On the nights of 27th and 28th January 2009, Eva-Maria had the pleasure of speaking to the South Island Her Business Networks, run by co-ordinator Kate Webb. Both evening proved to be a huge success, with amazing feedback!

Watch this space with Eva - that girl is going to be big one day! Debbie

Eva Maria – I just loved your definition of teenagers being 'apprentices of life'.  I can so relate this definition to the teenagers I know now and I'm sure I'll get to know in the future and it brings a smile to my face as it conjures up so many wonderful possibilities for all.  Thanx for sharing your wisdom in this regard. Sandi Neilson, Marl, NZ

Thanks for speaking to us – I really enjoyed listening to you and think you’re an inspiration. Rachel, Project K

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Teens are People too!

A powerful and inspirational speech from the heart of an eighteen year old building the bridge of understanding from ‘the other side’ to the adult world. Discover the real reasons behind rebels, misbehaviour, scepticism and lack of communication.

Eva-Maria is a graduate of Athena Montessori College in Wellington, who is about to release sequel of her book “You Shut Up!”. Her strength as author and coach is that she is focussed on understanding both sides to any story, helping to compromise and settle misunderstandings that arise between individuals and generations.

Complete with simple yet powerful stories based on real life examples, this speech is  guaranteed to change your understanding of teenagers forever.


How to build a better relationship with every teenager
- what every adult has to know

OK, so maybe speaking their ‘lingo’ won’t get you off on the right foot with youth you’re surrounded by, but this workshop will definitely open your eyes to the numerous possibilities of how to connect and improve your relationship with teenagers. Whether you are an employer, youth worker, caregiver, or are just surrounded by adolescents (and we all are), get ready because this ‘schizz’ will guarantee improvement in all areas. An adaptation of workshops and seminars that have been made by employers, and even coaches in NZ, influenced and inspired by Eva-Maria’s book ‘You Shut Up!’, this workshop may just be the key to blow your success, and success of the youth around you out of the water - short-term and more importantly long-term. Don’t miss it – you gotta be there!

How to create a better relationship with your teenager
- what every parent has to know

Parents (this includes step parents!) will usually indefinitely have to experience the teenage years with their growing children. Although we’ve all been teenagers, we seem to have public fear when it comes to our own children hitting those adolescent years. No need to stress – this workshop will turn all those doubts, uncertainty and unexplained feelings that come with being a parent of youth into a positive approach to the blessing disguised within our teenagers. This workshop, designed by teenager Eva-Maria, has tips for short term and long term effects, this workshop will help you break everything down and get to the core of how by being the main influences on our teenagers, we’re literally saving the world towards their, and our own better, brighter future.

War & Peace: Working Mothers and Teens
- what every Mum has to know

Awesome workshop designed for Mums to get the maximum out of the relationships with their teens. The workshop breaks down all barriers between mother and teenager, looking at teen care in general, and boys and girls separately.

Participants will have the chance to ask questions and receive answers from a teenager herself, while also being able to draw from experiences of likeminded Mum participants, so come equipped with questions that need answering!